Co-Founder & Partner, Lanny Davis' Appearance on Channel 4 News Discussing The Resignation of Michael Flynn

Co-Founder & Partner Lanny Davis Appears on CNN's Smerconish to Discuss FBI Director James Comey

Co-Founder & Partner, Lanny Davis' Appearance on CNN's Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer

Co-Founder Lanny Davis Appears on CNN's New Day to Discuss the Clinton Foundation

Co-Founder Adam Goldberg Discusses Hillary Clinton's Honesty & 2016 Presidential Race

Josh Galper Appears on CNN to discuss Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Foreign Policy

Adam Goldberg & Josh Galper Appear on NewsChannel 8 to Discuss Hillary Clinton & Her Health Scare



Crisis of the Week: Areva SA’s Falsified Records Probelm

December 20, 2016

Crisis of the Week: Samsung and the Exploding Phone Batteries

September 9, 2016

Speaking Engagements

“Effective Crisis Management in High Profile Litigation:  Whether, When, and How to Develop Media Strategy”

Our attorneys have had expertise in high profile civil and criminal litigation. They have worked at highest levels in both the government and corporate sector. In this talk, they discuss how and when to develop effective media strategies in connection with litigation or regulatory actions.

What to do when the ?!#@ hits the fan? Crisis Management in the Age of the Internet: How to Fight the Misinformation “Swarm of Bees”

What keeps you up all night and what don’t you want the New York Times to write about? Lanny Davis shares his stories working on several of the biggest issues and crises of our time.

Getting Ahead of Scandal: The Role of Lawyers in Crisis Management

Scandal is everywhere these days: from political candidates to car companies, from politicians to celebrities. The scandals themselves are not new, but the reach and definition of media has completely changed over the past decade.

An Insider’s View on the 2016 Election

Democratic strategist Lanny Davis offers an insider’s view on the 2016 campaign and today’s political landscape. How would Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump’s policies impact Silicon Valley and Wall Street? How will the election outcome change how companies deal with Washington?



The Crisis – the only podcast to focus on crisis – takes you inside the latest crisis of the week, from the White House to Wall Street to your living room. How was it handled? What mistakes were made? What worked? Our hosts, Adam Goldberg and Josh Galper of Trident DMG, have over 40 years of crisis management expertise working on some of the biggest scandals of our time.