Trident DMG's Full Suite of Services

Communications That Make a Difference

We tell compelling stories that transform reputations, forge connections, and shape policies.  We have advised a president, leading innovators, disruptors, and investors, global CEOs, life-changing NGOs, and members of Congress.  With deep expertise in public relations, government affairs, and the law, we focus on six core services.

Strategic Communications

Effective branding and positioning are critical for all the stakeholders that count – customers and partners, employees, investors, the media, regulators, and policymakers.  Managing your reputation, demonstrating thought leadership, establishing market position, and disrupting competitors require long-term vision and sustained execution.

We deliver tangible results with meaningful impact, leveraging our expertise in multiple disciplines: media relations; digital & social media; content creation and thought leadership; campaign planning; employee engagement; and events and public appearances.

Innovators & Disruptors

More than ever, innovative companies and entrepreneurs face scrutiny and high-stakes challenges from competitors and federal, state, local, and foreign governments.  At the same time, earlier stage and high-growth companies – especially those that operate in regulated industries – have unprecedented opportunities to positions themselves favorably with the media, customers, investors, regulators, and lawmakers.

We help venture capital and private equity investors, companies, and entrepreneurs navigate the policy, regulatory, and public affairs thicket to define themselves in ways that contribute to their successes and mitigate potential setbacks.  We help them launch and grow, position them through IPOs and exits, differentiate their competitors, connect with policymakers, and define their value.

Crisis Management

We have managed some of the highest-profile crises of the last 20 years, from the White House to Wall Street to Silicon Valley, throughout the country and around the world.  In times of both calm and frenzy, we help clients anticipate challenges, resolve problems, and restore reputations.  We are more than crisis communicators; we are crisis managers.

We help our clients get to the bottom of their crises, fix the root causes, and limit the fallout.  We help them work with the press and with third parties to verify and build their credibility.  And we work seamlessly with legal counsel to limit legal exposure.

Executive Positioning

We help C-Suite officers and entrepreneurs establish themselves as thought leaders, market innovators, and disruptive thinkers.  We shape their stories, identify the best ways to deliver them, and execute so that targeted audiences stand up and take note.  Through media commentary, speaking engagements, the written word, and digital connections, we raise client profiles, have their voices heard, and get them seats at the table.

Investigations and Litigation Communications

Our team includes Harvard- and Yale-trained lawyers with long and deep experience leveraging public relations to battle investigators and support legal objectives in court.  Working closely with the client’s legal team, we create and execute communications and, if necessary, political strategies in support of prosecuting or defending against civil and criminal cases and congressional, regulatory, state attorney general, law enforcement, and media investigations.

Our experience and expertise is vast, encompassing securities matters, intellectual property, privacy and cybersecurity, entertainment, hospitality, antitrust, consumer protection, immigration, and Indian law.  Our clients do not sit back and absorb blows; we help them take the fight to their adversaries.

Public Policy and Public Affairs

Influencing public policy decisions requires tailored, multifaceted campaigns that leverage subject-matter expertise, legislative experience, constituent and grassroots support, and communications.  We help clients develop and execute these campaigns to maximize the impact of their policy positions in state capitols, Washington, D.C., and overseas.